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‘Erin Wasson’

Low Luv X

Erin Wasson, the beauty with brains, certainly knows how to tame her creative side and make the most of them. This Texan designer has unleashed an a la mode range of elegant grunge jewellery and has garnered a huge clientele after her show in UK, where she unveiled this collection.

This collection is hugely inspired by gothic rock and comprises of gold and silver plated crucifixes in long chains, gold bangles, snake cuffs and knuckle rings The collection accentuates the indie side of this model-turned-designer’s personality. She displayed this entire collection, named Low Luv X, on Alexander Wang’s show. The duo shares an interesting rapport and both of them are dear friends.

Erin Wasson also said “I have too much going on in my brain to just be a face, an image, without a voice behind it,” it seems she is too desperate to prove that there is more to her than just a pretty face!

Check out Low Luv X   www.mijjo.com

‘House of Harlow’


Style icon, Nicole Richie launches her exclusive new jewellery line! Nicole Richie’s brilliant debut collection follows inspiration from her sought-after style. Layering unexpected combinations of materials and themes, she contrasts feminine mixed with edgy and bold, and modern mixed with native.

Using leather, rivets, gold plated metals and a beautiful palette of colors to decorate the array of pieces, Nicole explores every theme true to the bohemian look; from gypsy to tribal, flower child to edgy street wear. There is a little something here for everyone!

“I’ve always felt that great accessories are essential in every complete outfit and I wanted to create a collection that was easy to mix and match; to either wear alone as an everyday piece, or stack on to make more of a statement. I love accessories. You can wear the same jeans and T-shirt every day and make it look completely different just by accessorizing.” Nicole Richie

1960's range

1960's range

1960's range

1960's range

1960's range

1960's range

1960's range

1960's range

starburst earings

new range

See more of ‘House of  Harlow’ by Nicole Richie!


Samantha Wills


Samantha Will’s is one of my favourite Australian Jewellery designers. Samantha  moved to Sydney to establish her self titled accessories company when she was just 21.  After displaying her debut collection at Australian Fashion week in 2004,  Samantha Will’s jewellery became the ‘must have item’  in the Australian accessories market.
Her handmade jewellery is very unique, it reflects a bold statement with large lavish pieces, such styles as bohemian, feminine, classy and rock chic.

The materials used in her designs, consist of antique gold / silver, brass, metallic silver/ gold and precious handset stones.

Feminine stylesBohemian aqua cuff

Elegant Style

Antique gold/brass bangle set

Turquoise Blouson ring

Celebrities wearing Samantha Wills jewellery- Samantha’s label has become worldwide.

Eva Mendes

Pink wearing black bow ring

Ashlee Simpson wearing antique gold bangles

Rihanna wearing black spider ring

“I think in life fate gives you opportunities, however fate will only take you so far. The level of success is up to you & deffinately think it has to be a conscious decision”….Samantha Will’s

To check out more of Samantha Will’s designer jewellery                             Go to :

www.samanthawills.com.au www.birdsnest.com.au www.carlisleaccessories.com.au