Candy Bird’s seductive illustrations are full of emotion and feelings.  Candybird was born in 1982 and lives in the South of France. She creates a dual-universe: a fairy-tale world, with a delicate, melancholic and feminine touch…I love her style and the way she expresses herself through these illustrations.

bookSome of her illustrations appear in the bookPink Attitude, which was presented in an exhibition in Rome, Italy in 2008. The book contains artwork from 20 female artists including Candy Bird.

Her artwork has been featured in several books, children’s books, magazines and exhibitions around the world.


What an interesting name, CandyBird…where did this come from?
Strangely, I woke with this name in my head…it was so obvious. It had to be this one and no other…

When did you begin your relationship with art and what was that moment that you considered yourself an artist?
I’ve been drawing since I was a baby, therefore I would say that my relation with art had begun very early… I always felt the need to draw. I don’t know if I consider myself an artist or not I make art and it’s that simple.

Where do you get your ideas for your ladies from?
Sometimes it comes from an emotion of a photograph, sometimes music and a feeling that follows. Sometimes I even begin drawing without a definite idea, and I let myself be guided by the candidness of the instant.

What do you enjoy most about making art? Dislike?
I like to create in succession, spontaneously, without learned studies or prepared sketches. I know however that sketches can be very useful for bringing some change in drawings, but I am too impatient for this. I appreciate the small details at the end the instant when the drawing is practically done, and where all small details are going to come in to prettify it…

There are a lot of incredible female artists coming out of France these days….who have you been turned on by recently?
I appreciate many French female artists, but lately I have been hung up on the drawings of Agata Kawa particularly.

I first noticed your work in Pink Attitude, how did this opportunity and your involvement come about?
I met Enrica Mannari, while Pink Attitude was being planned and she saw my bio on Myspace. She appreciated my illustrations and then offered me to participate in this splendid book, from which several exhibitions followed.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on several projects at the moment, notably on post cards and pillows. It is interesting to work on and adapt these illustrations to these mediums.

You have recently illustrated Cinderella…do you plan on doing more book illustrations?
Yes, I’m working on another book as well but can’t say much about it at this moment.

There are a lot of animal references in your work…does this inspiration come about often and why?
The animals are often present in my work. I think they are silent assistants who watch over my pieces. I like to put sadness and melancholy in my drawings. My animals are there to bring the softness or to alleviate those which accompany them.

Where can people find your art?
They can go to my website : I also have artwork on this site: